Heaven's Burning

MIDORI (Youki Kudoh) and YUKIO (Kenji Isomura) are typical Japanese honeymooners in Sydney, except that Midori doesn't seem as relaxed and happy as she should.

In another part of town, COLIN (Russell Crowe) agrees to be a driver in a bank robbery organised by his school friend MAHOOD, his suspicious and uptight father, BOORJAN, and aggressive brother, GULLBUDDIN.

Then Midori is found missing, presumed kidnapped. A police investigation gets under way amidst great publicity, and when it is discovered Midori had been having an affair with her boss back in Japan and was planning to dump Yukio and elope with her lover to disappear together in Australia, Yukio's face is plastered all over the media as the cuckolded husband. He handles the news a little too calmly.

Midori, on the run, is taken hostage by Colin and and his friends when the bank robbery goes very wrong. They get away but in a conflict over whether or not to kill Midori, Colin accidentally shoots Gullbuddin and escapes with her.

The pair get out of the cityand Colin initially tries to lose Midori but after she proves her resroucefulness, he agrees she can stick along, and in fact they begin to fall in love.

Colin attempts to contact Mahmood and make peace over killing Mahmood's brother. To no avail and Mahmood and his bitter father now know where to find Colin and exact their revenge.

Yukio, maddened by the shame, also sets out to track down his faithless wife, but not before accidentally killing his kindly translator.

Midori and Colin head towards the farm of Colin's father CAM, meeting a variety of eccentric characters on the way. But those in pursuit are closing in rapidly. In a shocking confrontation with Mahmood and Boorjan, Colin escapes from their torture but leaves both men dead.

Midori and Colin, now badly injured, arrive at Cam's desolate farm. They make plans to go to the beach of Colin's childhood and hide there.

Meanwhile the mad Yukio is wreaking mayhem on all who get in his way, including Cam. He confronts Midori and Colin at a country dance and wounds Colin badly, only to be shot dead by Midori.

Midori and Colin make it to the beach in bad shape but happy to be together. Their happiness is short lived as the police pinpoint their location and close in. In a state of delirium they refuse to give up without a struggle but eventually succumb to a rain of bullets and die in each other's arms.