Colin, a drifter driving across the desert on his way to a job interview, takes a short cut and comes across a fatal road accident. One driver, Jina, is shaken but the other is very dead, with a briefcase of money by his side, money from a drug deal gone wrong.

Colin drives the intriguing Jina home, then heads on into the nearest town to do the right thing and hand the money over to the local cop, Frank. Suspicious after visiting the crash site with Colin, Frank invites him home, determined to find out more about the money's owner. Colin is startled to see Jina there and realises she's married to Frank and intent on leaving him.

Both Jina and Frank see the money as a second chance in life. For Jina it's a chance to escape a suffocating relationship and start over; for Frank it's a way of holding on to her for good, or until the money runs out.

When the drug money doesn't turn up, trouble-shooter Charlie arrives in town to clean up the mess. Leaving a trail of bodies in his wake, he tracks Frank to his house, knocks him unconscious but not finding the money, sets off after Jina. Frank recovers just as Jina and Colin arrive on the scene, and not having seen his assailant, in his jealousy and paranoia, he attacks Colin. In the ensuing chaos, Frank is knocked out, seemingly lifeless. Jina convinces Colin that self-defense is no defense at all when a cop is involved, and reluctantly he helps her dump the body down a disused mineshaft, then return to the house to clean up the evidence.

Jina begs Colin to help her flee, but he wants no part and is about to drive off when he finds his car keys are missing. The only place they can be is down the mineshaft where they dumped Frank's body. The two go back to the mine and discover Frank's body has gone. He's alive! With no car and an enraged cop after him for murder, Colin has no choice but to get out of town with Jina.

Frank, with the aid of police, sets up roadblocks, forcing Colin and Jina to flee on the overnight train for the city. But Colin doesn't know Jina now has the money she found in Frank's car, and it's hidden in her suitcase. And neither know that both Charlie and Frank have boarded the train!